Shanghai Waima Wharf Silk Exhibition 上海外码头丝绸博物馆
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            上海外码头丝绸博物馆面积6000平方米,集参观、购物、餐饮于一体。博物馆旨在鼎立宣扬中国丝绸文化和上海丝绸产业的发展历程,以实景、实物形象再现栽桑、养蚕、抽丝、织绸、绣花等古老工艺,同时展出“百年奇葩” “上海顾绣”。丝绸产品展示......
          Waima Wharf Silk Exhibition Hall is one of biggest center which include silk museum, shopping mall and restaurants, The center occupies 6000 square meters totally.We have such silk items: silk quilt, famous brands of silk garment and one of most famous silk embroidery in China-Su Embroidery”, View Details>> Sha.. Sha.. Sha.. Sha.. Sha.. Sha.. Sha..
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