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    The silk originated in China. It's said that Chinese started farming silkworms and making silk clothes in the early beginning of civilization 4000 years ago. Silk manufacture was a very old traditional industry and raw silk was one of most primary products to export. “The silk road ” in northwest China was famous all over the world. the silk dressing was a always a favorite to ladies of home and aboard for its charming features: soft and compact texture, bright and shining surface, toughness and ventilating feeling.

   Waima Wharf Silk Exhibition Hall is one of biggest center which include silk museum, shopping mall and restaurants, The center occupies 6000 square meters totally.We have such silk items: silk quilt, famous brands of silk garment and one of most famous silk embroidery in China-Su Embroidery”, and some silk rugs, carpets and so on. There is demostration room and fashion show inside. Visitor may participate in all process.

   The best facilities, the best products, the best services and the honest price are our steady ideas which we've been seeking for ever, you are always warmly welcome to come here.

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上海外码头丝绸博物馆面积6000平方米,集参观、购物、餐饮于一体。博物馆旨在鼎立宣扬中国丝绸文化和上海丝绸产业的发展历程,以实景、实物形象再现栽桑、养蚕、抽丝、织绸、绣花......等古老工艺,同时展出“百年奇葩” “上海顾绣”。丝绸产品展示大厅汇集各类丝绸精品5000多种,产品精工制作,色彩艳丽,既有传统手艺的古韵之作,也有充满现代气息的时尚衣饰,是中外宾客参观购物的理想之处。




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